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College Objectives


    The objectives of the Medical Science Courses is to ensure scientific training during the course of study, thus the trainee acquires adequate knowledge and skill in his/her field and he/she shall be able to carry out.

  • Various laboratory tests independently without an error, perform, investigative or curative procedures with accuracy and precision as a responsible professional and thereby assist the clinicians in diagnosis and treatment.

  • Manage laboratories or units confidently with adequate knowledge to handle, operate and take care of various equipments, instruments and materials used.

  • Develop initiative and competence in order to avail self employment opportunities.

  • Develop expertise to perform various tests and to interpret the results.

Salient features:
  • 100% Job opportunities in India as well as abroad.

  • Effective coaching to mould as excellent Medical Lab Technicians to work in Govt. sector and private sector for Medical Lab. Technicians.

  • Outstanding Lab Facilities with modern computerized instruments.

  • Excellent academic care.

  • Highly qualified, well experienced dedicated faculty members