B.Sc. Dialysis Technology

Dialysis Technology

Bachelor in Science (Dialysis Technology) is a three year degree course in the School of Allied Health Sciences which prepares students to become trained dialysis technicians who provide strong paramedical support system to hospitals for providing specialized care to renal failure patients. Dialysis technicians work closely with Nephrologists and carry out regular dialysis and various preparatory procedures including sterilization and maintenance of machines for patients of chronic renal failure awaiting renal transplant. They play an important role in ameliorating the sufferings of such patients and helps them improving the quality of their life. This is an ever-expanding field and there are large number of patients in need of such a care in the country and in the world.

The curriculum is designed to impart contemporary academic teaching and concomitant practical training. This program will also instill the values of compassion and ethics to make them caring towards the community.